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    Shanghai UCHEM Inc. has been focusing on development and manufacturing of advanced intermediates for optoelectronic materials (including polypyridines, phenanthrolines, polyaryls, thiophene derived oligomers and monomers, etc.), pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals, and earned a reputation as leading supplier of innovative, high quality chemicals. We are committed to exceeding the customer's expectations. UCHEM also provides the following service:
    Competitive Products
    Series of conjugated organic intermediates were delivered to customers!
    Series of bidentate/ tridentate ligands were sent out in the past week.
    New batches of the following chemicals are ready for sale!
    ew batches of the following 1,10-phenanthroline are ready for sales
    Bathophenanthroline 1662-01-7 (500g) delivered to a domestic customer!
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    Room 307A,No.248,Dongxing Road Shanghai.China    Tel: +86-21-56338808    Fax: +86-21-31615208    Email:sales@myuchem.com
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